Monday, February 19, 2007


If you get a few minutes, go check out Unity08. Normally skeptical of these types of groups, DeTocqueville must admit that the flaw isn't obvious. And proceding skeptically, that would be a hesitant endorsement...

The concept is intreaguing, even: Select one ticket (of a field of contenders) for the 08 race with a centrist Republican and a centrist Democrat. Who you could find to shun their party is another question altogether, but bear with them... This crowd, lead by the always-dashing Sam Waterston of "Law and Order" fame, doesn't exactly have the star-power of Bono-pitching-DATA, but it's a start.

The main problem Unity08 faces is probably from the Dems -- the party muscle is so desparate to get the White House in 2008 that they'd stop at nothing (including walking all over this little 527) to get there. The other potentially mitigating factor is Candidate Obama -- the case could be made that he's as centrist and "outsider" as you could get, so the "need" for a Unity08 style group wouldn't be that large.

However, if the race ended up with Dick Cheney squaring off against Hillary, look for the Unity08 crowd to pick up tons and tons of cash.

Edit: Unity 08 got a good mention in the Washington Post today, Feb 25 by columnist David Broder (here).

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