Saturday, February 10, 2007

Take me to your leader

We blog for the same reason that people form rock bands: Attention and girls.

Blogging serves a deep-seeded narcissistic purpose to expose oneself to the public and proudly exclaim, "I am here! Look at what I've done!". This is done in the hope that someone else will validate "what you've done" by adding to the conversation. Then, just maybe, more comments will flow in, and a whole community of people will begin to think you're really smart. Then you'll be so cool that girls will throw their underwear on stage and want to go home with you...

Oops, gotten ahead of myself there.

Come to think of it, blogging is like being a member of KISS -- you get to throw yourself out to the world with a hope of self-actualization, but with the comfort of anonymity. Equate "blogging" to "spitting fire onstage" and "the anonymity of the web" to "six pounds of Space Ace's makeup" and I hope you'll see where I'm going with this.

Alright, onto why we're here. Simple, really: I dig on international poltics and hope to start a conversation. If you want to join in, just toss your proverbial women's underwear at me, and let's go!

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